Erb`s Almdorf Spa in Parsdorf near Munich
Erb`s Almdorf Spa in Parsdorf near Munich
Cottage sauna - the finnish sauna in Erb`s Almdorf Spa Munich-Parsdorf

Cottage sauna

The typical temperature in our Finnish sauna is 80 degrees, two or three courses form the basis of a stimulating sauna.

Salt stone sauna with sole inhalant in Hotel Erb Parsdorf

Salt stone sauna

Sole inhalant stimulates the activity of ciliated cells, actively dissolves the mucus and makes the nasal mucosa swell up. Thus, the natural cleaning mechanisms of respiratory tract are supported.

Swiss stone pine organic sauna at Erb`s Almdorf Spa Munich-Parsdorf

Swiss stone pine organic sauna

Sweating at 50 degrees. The Swiss stone pine organic sauna was designed in the style of the Swiss stone pine parlours. 40 to 50 percent humidity, the cardiovascular system is less stressed than the classic sauna.

Herbal sauna at the Hotel Erb Munich-Parsdorf

Herbal sauna

The herbal sauna is a gentle form of the Finnish sauna and is ideal for poor circulation or heat sensitive sauna guests. Herbal saunas are generally good for your skin and health.

Aroma steam bath in Almdorf Spa at 4 Stars Hotel Erb Munich/Parsdorf

Aroma steam bath

The steam bath is suitable especially for those sauna guests highly claimed by high temperatures in the Finnish sauna. Pleasant 60 degrees allows relaxed and prolonged sweating. Changing flavors help with relaxation.

Aqua scrub by Prof. Dr. Biener used at Almdorf Spa Parsdorf

Aqua scrub by Prof. Dr. Biener

A stimulating body scrub or a sauna: visit it quickly and get back in balance, revitalize body and mind and pamper skin and senses. The Aqua peeling salts of Prof. Dr. Biener have natural sea salt as a base. It gently stimulates the blood circulation of the skin and makes it silky and radiant.

Physiotherm infrared bench at Almdorf Spar in Erb`s Hotel Parsdorf

Physiotherm infrared bench

Infrared radiation is the best means to supply the body with heat. It works without contact and is therefore also considered particularly pleasant. Every infra-red radiation is converted in the skin in the heat. Try this healthy and relaxing experience.

Almdorf Spa at 4 Stars Hotel Erb Munich/Parsdorf


Sauna, Pablo, or training can be exhausting. Extensive rest in beautiful surroundings is part of a wellness stay. Drinks & snacks Fresh water and various fruit teas, apples and dried fruit

Silent alm - the relax room at Erb`s Almdorf Spa Munich-Parsdorf

Silent alm - the relax room

Silent alm - the relax room

Guests, Not Staying At The Hotel Are Also Welcome:

Erb`s Almdorf Spa in Parsdorf near Munich, Munich east

As the hotel guests simply stroll with the bathrobe in the spa area, external guests will find a modern locker room area with lockable cabinets.

Prices for day, 10 mm and annual passes
Day ticket per person: 19,-EUR
10 tickets per person: 170 EUR
Annual ticket (limited number): 750,-EUR
The use of our fitness area is included in the price. 

Opening hours
Every day from 16:00 - 24:00
Closed: 23.12, 24.12, 30.12, 31.12. 

Exclusive use of salt stone sauna for salt inhalation without heat
Also outside the opening hours possible, latest start of the sesseion at 2 pm
25,00 EUR per session (45 minutes), maximum 4 people
Please call 0049 89 991100
Streetwear without shoes

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