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09 February 2018

Mantastic SixxPaxx - Sexxy Circus

"Sexxy Circus" - Mantastic SIXXPAXX on a large Europatour 2017/2018 Women's hearts beat higher, and in Stadthallen there is a squalling alarm. From autumn 2017 onwards, Mantastic SIXXPAXX will go for big Europatour with their new and third menstrip show "Sexxy Circus". The new program is bigger, more spectacular and more extraordinary than ever. In the "Sexxy Circus" ten guys let their muscles play and inspire their audience in over 70 cities with much acrobatics, dance, singing and, of course, humor. Spectators experience a highlight of entertainment from all artistic areas, coupled with an extra shot of eroticism. Mantastic SIXXPAXX - Under this year's motto "Sexxy Circus", the SIXXPAXX will seduce their audience into a world with everything the woman's heart desires. The new show guarantees even more singing, acrobatics, eroticism and a lot of naked skin a particularly hot experience. Extra large LED walls transform the new stage design into an extraordinary circus tent, in which every hen party, birthday or girls' evening becomes an experience . "Anyone who thinks of a simple strip show here has missed. For we show more than just undressing. With the unique blend of dance, vocals and sex appeal, we carry the ladies on their hands and forget their everyday life, "says SIXXPAXX head David Farell. Each individual artist is an artist who, by virtue of his extraordinary talent and individuality, perfectly complements the facet of the group and makes SIXXPAXX a great masterpiece. The trained guys conquer the heart of women by storm. Because, as every woman knows, the SIXXPAXX have an irresistible appeal

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Time: 20:00

Grafinger Straße 6
81671 Munich
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