Munich`s Toolwood Festival - Foto Bernd Wackerbauer
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Tollwood winter and summer festival

Twice a year there is the Tollwood festival in Munich: in summer in the Olympiapark and in winter at the Theresienwiese.  The cultural festival attracts yearly about 2 million visitors from the whole country and europe.

The first Tollwood festival on the grounds of the Olympiapark south in summer 1988. Only local artists like Konstantin Wecker and the Biermösl Blosn performed at the first Tollwood Festival (from 1.-11.July 1988). But since 1991 more and more international artists are interested in performing at the festival.
Next to the summer festival there also is a winterfestival since 1991, which now occur at the Theresienwiesen. 
International Market and biological specials:
Not only the cultural programm attracts the visitors but also the "Market of ideas", which offers art handicrafts, culinary treats und a nice decorated place. The gastronomy choses carefully from a wide variety of biological food.
Culture apart from known ways:
Tollwood has a unique mixture from culture and art handidraft, whereas more than 70 percent of the programm is for free. During the summer the programm mostly deals with theatre productions and music-acts meanwhile uring the winterfestival the focus lies on a En-suite-Programm from Varieté and Live-Music.

Tichets for Special Events on the Munich Tollwood Festivals: here
D-80809 Munich

Tickets Toolwood Festival Munich


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