New Ayinger Brewery

Distance from hotel: 19.1 km

The New Ayinger Brewery is an exemplary model of how modernity and tradition can fuse in direction-setting commitment. With our integrated concept of regional orientation we have found an effective answer to the growing lack of transparency of the German brewery environment and its beer products.


Memorial for the victims of the concentration camp in Dachau

Distance from hotel: 27.7 km

The memorial for the victims of the concentration camp in Dachau was built on the former conzentration camp's area. The memorial also includes a museum, a library and an archive.


Roseninsel im Starnberger See

Distance from hotel: 42.7 km

Insider Tip - the Rose Island and its Casino in the Starnberger See Lake near Feldafing and PossenhofenThe Rose Island in the Starnberger Lake is a idyllic and car-free island with a court and park coplex, where a little palace called Casino is. The island belongs to the district "Wörth (Schloss)" and its community Feldafing. The Island has a population of 1, who is the gardener. The form of the island changes and grows constantly because of earth deposits: In the beginning of the 19.century the Rose Island was only 1,3 ha big but now it already is 2,56 ha big.


Schloss Amerang

Distance from hotel: 42.8 km

Copyright Schloss AmerangIn the 16. century the gentlemen of Verona, the Scaliger, buitl a trapeze-shaped arcade court inside the castle. Now, for many generations, the castle belongs to the family of the Baron of Crailsheim.


Kloster Andechs

Distance from hotel: 48.2 km

Monastery Andechs - the famous monstry brewery near Starnberger See LakeThe Monastery Andechs was built in the 15. century and since 1455 the Bendictine live and work there. In 1669 the monastery was rebuilt and 1755 it got its baroque shape. More than 500 years now the monastry brewery makes its own beer and also serves it officially.


Herzögliche Bayerische Brew House Tegernsee

Distance from hotel: 48.5 km

The Herzögliche Bayerische Brauhaus Tegernsee (former Brewery Tegernsee founded in 1050) is one of the oldest brew house in Bavaria.


Castle Residence Traunitz

Distance from hotel: 50.9 km

Trausnitz Castle is a medieval castle situated in Landshut, Bavaria in Germany. It was the home of the Wittelsbach dynasty, and it served as their ducal residence for Lower Bavaria from 1255–1503, and later as the seat of the hereditary rulers of the whole of Bavaria. The castle was founded in 1204 by Duke Ludwig I.



Distance from hotel: 53.6 km

Bergbahn am Brauneck in LenggriesLenggries air spa in the beautiful Upper Bavarian district of Bad Tölz is located at the entrance to the Karwendel Mountains. In winter the ski area offers a great opportunities. In the summer the place presents a true hiking paradise. Make a trip into this breathtaking area!


Palace and park Herrenchiemsee

Distance from hotel: 55.7 km

Herrenchiemsee is a complex of royal buildings on the Herreninsel, an island in the Chiemsee, Bavaria's largest lake, 60 km south east of Munich. Together with the neighbouring island of Frauenchiemsee and the uninhabited Krautinsel it forms the municipality of Chiemsee. The Augustine Monastery Herrenchiemsee, later converted into the Old Palace (Altes Schloss), and Herrenchiemsee Palace, also known as the New Palace (Neues Schloss), are the most famous of these buildings and the largest of King Ludwig II of Bavaria's palaces.


Kaltenberg Knight Tournament

Distance from hotel: 58.7 km

© Kaltenberger Ritterspiele The Kaltenberger Knight Tournament, which was founded by Luitpold the Prinz of Bavaria in 1979, developed to the biggest knight tournament in Germany. The Palace Kaltenber was built in 1292 and lies about 10 km in north-west direction away from the Ammersee.


The Chapel of Grace and Chapel place

Distance from hotel: 66.8 km

The Chapel of Grace is the national shrine of Bavaria dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is known for the many healings which are said to have taken place there, and is commonly called the Lourdes of Germany.


Castle Burghausen

Distance from hotel: 77.5 km

The Caste is more than 1000m long and has an almost completly intact medievel attachment. Therefore it is one of the biggest and most impressive castle complex in Europe. 1255 the castle was built as a second residence for the lower bavarian dukes and their wives.  Duke Georg the Rich rebuilt the castle with six courts and thus it became the strongest fortress in the late Middle age.


Ettal Abbey Benedictine monastery

Distance from hotel: 82.1 km

Ettal Abbey is a Benedictine monastery in the village of Ettal close to Oberammergau and Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Bavaria, Germany. With a community (as of 2005) of more than 50 monks, with another five at Wechselburg, the Abbey is one of the largest Benedictine houses and is a major attraction for visitors.


Wieskirchen Steingaden

Distance from hotel: 83.6 km

The church "Wieskirche Steingaden" is a significant pilgrimage church and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Monastery Hoeglwoerth

Distance from hotel: 88.4 km

Archbishop Konrad I. founded the former Augustinian Monastery around 1125.  During the 17. century the derelict monatery was rebuilt involving medievel parts, so that the idyllic monastery could further exist on the island. But the last bishop had to dissolve the monastery because of the bad economic situation.


Palace Linderhof

Distance from hotel: 88.5 km

Linderhof Palace is in Germany, in southwest Bavaria near Ettal Abbey. It is the smallest of the three palaces built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria and the only one which he was able to see completed.


Alpspix Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Distance from hotel: 88.9 km

On top of the Osterfelder head you can enjoy the breathtaking panorama over the enormous peaks and vastness. An excursion to the observation platform Alpspix in Garmisch Partenkirchen makes your knees surely soft. The free-standing, walk-on platform offers an unforgettable view!



Distance from hotel: 89.0 km

The Zugspitze in Garmisch Partenkirchen in Bavaria - the highest mountain in GermanyThe Zugspitze, at 2,964 metres above sea level, is the highest peak of the Wetterstein Mountains as well as the highest mountain in Germany. It lies south of the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and the border between Germany and Austria runs over its western summit. South of the mountain is the Zugspitzplatt, a high karst plateau with numerous caves. On the flanks of the Zugspitze are three glaciers, including the two largest in Germany: the Northern Schneeferner with an area of 30.7 hectares and the Höllentalferner with an area of 24.7 hectares. The third is the Southern Schneeferner which covers 8.4 hectares.


Partnachklamm Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Distance from hotel: 89.9 km

The Partnach Gorge is a deep gorge that has been incised by a mountain stream, the Partnach, in the Reintal valley near the south German town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The gorge is 702 metres long and, in places, over 80 metres deep. It was designated a natural monument in 1912.



Distance from hotel: 99.8 km

Go on an interesting journey through the Unesco Welterbe Regensburg and discover the Donaumetropole! Experience historical city tours and admire many monuments of exceptional quality. Tall buildings, dark and narrow streets characterize the cityscape! These include patrician houses and family towers, a large number of churches and monasteries as well as the 12th century stone bridge.


Neuschwanstein Castle

Distance from hotel: 101.0 km

Neuschwanstein Castle is a 19th-century Romanesque Revival palace on a rugged hill above the village of Hohenschwangau near Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany. The palace was commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria as a retreat and as an homage to Richard Wagner. Contrary to common belief, Ludwig paid for the palace out of his personal fortune and extensive borrowing, not with Bavarian public funds.


Salzbergwerk Berchtesgarden

Distance from hotel: 107.7 km

Salzberg in Berchtesgaden near Bad Reichenhall - Go on an expedition into the salt !Deep down underneath the ‘Salzberg’ mountain a secret world awaits your discovery. For many years, only the salt miners in Berchtesgaden were allowed to enter the complex tunnel system. Today, part of the mine – which has been in operation for over 500 years now – is open to all fans of adventure who wish to get to know the place where the famous Bad Reichenhall brand salt originates. Salt is an indispensable part of our lives.


Lake Königssee & St. Bartholomew

Distance from hotel: 110.9 km

The Palace and pilgrimage church were founded by the Prince-Provosts of Berchtesgaden in 1134. The triple-concha design of the church dates back to 1697; the stucco-work is by the Salzburg master Joseph Schmidt. In the 18th century the summer and hunting palace was rebuilt, with older building sections incorporated. After Berchtesgaden became part of Bavaria in 1810, the palace became a hunting lodge for the Bavarian kings and was one of their favourite haunts.