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Our sauna landscape at the Almdorf Spa is fascinating even to experiences sauna visitors, again and again. With your bathrobe on, you can leave the world outside behind you. Choose your favorite from four different saunas or let yourself be enchanted by the changing aromas in the steam bath in our wellness world.

If you would like another plus for your health, we recommend our infrared couch or a medical salt inhalation. Our friendly and competent reception team will be happy to help you find the sauna that suits your Needs.


Finnish cottage sauna

Munich also experiences rainy or snowy days. Imagine entering the cabin and being welcomed by soothing heat. You will be spoiled with a temperature of 80° C. Your heart beats faster and you begin to sweat. This strengthens your immune system and opens the pores of your skin, which is better supplied with blood. Take two to three sauna sessions, interrupted by a cold shower, and notice how your circulation gets going again. This small but subtle stress situation can put you in a slightly euphoric mood.


Salt stone sauna

Here you sweat at a pleasant 60-70 °C with low humidity and are surrounded by a brine inhalant. The salt ionizes the air, which benefits your respiratory tract. The nasal mucosa swells and the ciliated cells become active to dissolve the mucus. The pleasant stimulating climate ensures that you find inner peace and at the same time promotes a positive attitude towards life. In combination with the yellow and amber tones of the walls, your senses are simultaneously soothed and sharpened.


Swiss stone pine sauna

Our Swiss stone pine sauna is a real jewel. Built from the noble, fragrant Swiss stone pine wood, you sit here at 50 °C and a maximum of 50% humidity. Under these conditions, the rare pine wood can best unfold its numerous positive characteristics. Swiss stone pine wood is demonstrably able to reduce stress and supports deep and calm breathing. The humid heat enhances relaxation, which is further intensified by the noble scent of the wood. The Swiss stone pine sauna is perfect for you if you do not want the sauna to be too hot, but also don’t want to miss all the positive qualities of the classic sauna.


Herbal sauna

The herbal sauna in the Almdorf Spa is the darling of all those who like it gentle. Those who are sensitive to heat or have a somewhat less robust circulation sit here rested at a maximum of 60°C. In the sauna the with herbs enriched water slowly evaporates. The herbal active ingredients are distributed by the steam like a cloud. They are enveloped by the scent of mountain meadows and alpine forests. These healthy vapors have a vitalizing effect and at the same time calm the mind.

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