Hotel Erb goes Green

Energy crisis, climate change and rising costs – these are issues that have repeatedly preoccupied us and our environment in recent years.

Over the last few years, we have made a commitment to become part of environmentally friendly tourism. For nature, people and future generations. Green hotels and tourism are more important than ever, and we are proud to be a part of it.

Small changes can make a big difference. Let us show you how.


Our environmental certifications at a glance

For the environment - Our actions


CO2 emissions

Everyone produces CO2, when we breathe, when we use electricity, even when we eat. Therefore, it is important to minimise the production of CO2. With simple measures, we have greatly reduced our CO2 emissions and will continue to do so in the future.


Low water consumption due to aerators

With the help of aerators in shower heads and taps, we have succeeded in providing our guests with all the amenities of a four-star hotel while significantly reducing water consumption. They reduce the amount of water flowing through and mix in air. This guarantees a consistent and pleasantly wide water jet.


Housekeeping & laundry volume

The cleaning of rooms and laundry is extremely high in a hotel. It has become standard practice to clean the rooms of guests who stay for several days on a daily basis, to change beds and change towels. Calculated over a whole year, this involves an enormous amount of laundry and cleaning materials.

Our GO GREEN initiative

Through this initiative, we have encouraged our guests to do something good for the environment and for a more sustainable holiday. Guests who cancel their room cleaning and daily change of laundry can save a total of around 270,000 litres of water per year at a hotel and receive a drinks voucher as a thank you. As a Best Western Rewards member, you also collect bonus points – a win-win situation for everyone!

Sustainable cleaning products

In addition to saving on cleaning agents when cancelling daily room cleaning, we use sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning agents from Ecolab in large containers to save plastic for several years now.


Energy efficiency

Our Hotel Erb relies on sustainable energy-saving measures. Motion detectors in corridors and storage rooms, individually adjustable thermostats and LED lights throughout the hotel reduce our consumption. With specific energy-saving plans for all departments, we actively contribute to environmental protection and at the same time offer our guests a pleasant stay


Minimising volumes fo waste & avoidance of plastic products

Waste separation has been a matter of course for us since the very beginning. For optimal resource utilisation and recycling.

We also minimise the amount of waste, especially plastic, by using regional suppliers or bulk packaging. Fruit and vegetables, bread and rolls, meat, fish, spreads and drinks – all in reusable or recyclable packaging to conserve resources. Plastic products and packaging no longer have a place in our warehouses.




Cosmetics that benefit your skin and the environment

Cosmetics can also be green and sustainable. Such as our cosmetics brand ADA-COSMETICS.

Since 2023, we have focused entirely on sustainable cosmetics, which are not only supplied in 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly bulk packaging, but are also manufactured in Germany using only a few resources to save water, energy and waste during production.

As a result, the products that end up in the sewage are environmentally friendly and optimised in terms of their biodegradability.

All information about our multi-certified natural cosmetics manufacturer can be found here.

Regional and seasonal on your plate


Regionale variety from the breakfast buffet

Regional variety from the breakfast buffet

For an excellent breakfast with a large selection, we focus on local variety and minimise our ecological footprint with an almost completely packaging-free breakfast.

With fresh and healthy breads from the Fritz Mühlenbäckerei bakery, which only uses organic ingredients from the region. In addition, the delicious baked goods from the Traublinger bakery in Kirchheim enrich our range.

Our cold cuts are supplied by the butcher Stefan Elst from Markt Schwaben, who is known for his fresh and high-quality products. The eggs are supplied directly from Bachbauernhof, guaranteeing freshness and flavour at the highest level.

Our sweet treat is perfected by local honey from Munich. And for our tea lovers, we offer Leaf Cup tea from Ronnefeldt, which not only tastes exquisite, but is also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Our commitment to sustainability is not only reflected in the quality of our products, but also in our efforts to minimise waste. Our packaging-free breakfast is a conscious decision for the environment and a treat for all the senses. Immerse yourself in the world of good taste and responsibility – experience our breakfast buffet with a clear conscience and an even better flavour!


Quality and regionality in perfect harmony


Here at the Almgrill, you will not only enjoy exquisite food and drinks, but also the certainty of making a sustainable contribution to the environment. Immerse yourself in a world of enjoyment that harmonises quality and sustainability

Meat from the butcher

For us, quality goes hand in hand with sustainability. We source our meat from the renowned Butchery Winner in Pastetten. Here, cattle from the Erdinger region are slaughtered and processed to the highest standards. Once it arrives in our kitchen as a whole piece, every single piece of meat is carefully utilised according to the nose-to-tail principle to ensure that nothing gets wasted. Likewise for our regionally farmed fish from the Christl fishery in Markt Schwaben, which is grilled and served whole.

Vegetables from the neighbours

Just as regionality is important to us, seasonality is particularly important when it comes to fruit and vegetable products. That’s why we only serve fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables. These are grown at the Böck nursery in Neufarn, just around the corner from our hotel. We also source our potatoes directly from the Rauch farm in Parsdorf. This not only guarantees freshness, but also maximises our support for our local farmers.

Regional refreshments

Our drinks menu is equally impressive, with a selection of beers from regional breweries such as Tegernseer, Ayinger Bräu and Bergfeldbräu from Poing. Our spirits, including exquisite spirits, are from regional producers such as Lantenhammer, who are well known for their craftsmanship.

Even the coffee breaks in your hotel room are designed to be sustainable. Here you will be provided with a selection of compostable organic & fair trade coffee capsules.

And of course, to quench your thirst, we offer refreshing spring water from Adelholzener as well as juices from the producer Wolfra from Aufhausen and other regional producers for the shortest possible and environmentally friendly supply chains.

Join us in contributing to a greener future at Hotel Erb


GO GREEN – Save on your room cleaning

Help us to protect the environment and cancel your daily room cleaning. We will thank you with a drinks voucher for every day you cancel.

Click a Tree X Hotel Erb

Together with the start-up Click a tree , we also want to do something for the environment – and you can too! When booking, simply plant a tree and at the same time absorb CO2, create jobs and reforest woods – it only takes one click.

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