Hotel Erb Insider: the Wittelsbach fountain at Lenbachplatz

Meeting place for couples in love, the Wittelsbach Fountain on Maximiliansplatz

Spring and butterflies in the belly belong together. And even couples who have loved each other for a long time should occasionally visit romantic places and simply take care of their partner.

The Wittelsbach fountain in Munich is such a place. At least during the week and late in the evening. Between Maximiliansplatz and Lenbach there is a park at the front side of which the Wittelsbacher Brunnen splashes in the direction of Karlsplatz.

The beauty of this place was also discovered by the party-goers and therefore the peace and quiet on Fridays and Saturdays is not so good. On all other days the Wittelsbacher fountain is not only a popular ‘Blind Date Meeting Point’, but also a really nice place for dreamy looking out into the world and exchanging kisses in love. So you might sit there armed with a piccolo and marvel at the beautifully lit fountain. The later the evening, the better, as this beautiful fountain is unfortunately also surrounded by traffic.

The Wittelsbach fountain combines baroque and antique elements. The two striking side figures and a bowl attachment in the middle adorn the wide semicircle with the ‘Roman’ imprint. Here is the ancient theme of the representation of man and animal. The fountain was donated by the House of Wittelsbach to celebrate the commissioning of the Munich water pipeline and designed by Adolf Hildebrand.

An older fountain of the same name, also worth seeing, but dating from 1605, is located inside the residence.

From the Best Western Plus Hotel Erb it is only 20 km to the Wittelsbacher fountain.

Wittelsbach Fountain
80333 Munich, Germany

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