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Our tips for a fine schnitzel in Munich and its surroundings

Just like the Boss of the Erb hotels, many of our guests are real schnitzel fans and often ask where you can eat good schnitzel in Munich or in the district of Ebersberg. Of course, our first answer is: In the Restaurant Almgrill at the Best Western Hotel Erb in Parsdorf. In other words, with us! Prepared with fine veal and with all its trimmings…

But we greatly understand that if you do not want to miss out on your favorite dish on a beautiful day trip. Here are our tips for a fine schnitzel in Munich and its surroundings:

In Schwabing, the Kaisergarten. In a beautiful Art Nouveau building, just opposite the St. Ursula church. Open daily from 10:00 until 01:00 hours. Address: Kaiserstrasse 34 / 80801 München

Schnitzel with plush and centrally located: The Café Mozart For those who like a little plush, are at the right place here. Pettenkofer Straße 1 in downtown Munich.

Landlust Wirtshaus am Reitsberger Hof in the upper Bavarian Vaterstetten. A popular variation of schnitzel from pork is served here, with it there are beer specialties from the Reutberg monastery brewery. Address: Baldhamer Str. 99, 85591 Vaterstetten

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